Do you love or hate your body?

Do you love your body? Do you love how your arms hang, the length of your fingers, or the wrinkles by your eyes? We are taught to hate our fat and try to change our bodies to meet ideals that honestly no one can achieve. Even those adorable little models…

Self Defeating Behaviors.

Self defeating behaviors are things we do that take away from our healthy goals in life. We all have them and they can be difficult to stop. Recently I have been feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks I need to get done. Then to make things worse, my own defeating…

Life Lessons & EMS

2017 is finally here and I find that I like to reflect back on all the things I have learned over the years. My favorite job before therapy was being on the ambulance. The ambulance was my first real job that I felt important and that was rewarding to me….

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