Shepherd Summer Bucket List

This week is all about summer time preparations. Because I’m not the best at coming up with stuff to do on the spot, I have created a ‘Summer Bucket List’. Our family goal is to complete all 92 items by the end of summer break. We have a fun chart…


Birth Order & Ninja Turtles.

Recently I bought a complete box set of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movies (1, 2, & 3). While watching them I found it interesting how each turtle plays a specific personality role in their family. I realize that it is a movie for entertainment purposes, but still, this…


FOX 13’s The Place: Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List! -Wishing you a super fun summer!- -Jessie the Therapist & Blue Clover Therapy Carve a Watermelon Paint Fingernails with glitter Eat lunch at the Zoo Go to a movie Have a movie night at home Make your own ice cream Make a summer fun video Make different…

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