Tips for New Parents from Crazy Parents

When I was going to be a new parent, I read every book I could get my hands on. I thought I knew what to do to make sure that my kids did not get hurt, developed correctly, became socially astute, get good grades, be completely well adjusted, so on….

Summer Bucket List: Week 7

Alright! So we are at 44 items off our list! But we still have 48- which means if we are going to get to our goal we need to get about 12 items a week. So….. buckle up because summer is locking it up and getting the items done! Happy…

4 lies we tell our kids & Why we need to be honest.

frank mckenna Oh the lies we tell when we are avoiding an awkward conversation! The problem is death, money budgeting, painful experiences, and sexual reproduction are a huge part of life that they will need to know how to manage. Being able to go through these situations with your support…

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